Zennio ZVI-SQTMDD, KNX room controller, design, thermostat, display





The Square TMD-Display (ZVI-SQTMDD), is a KNX touch switch with 5 buttons and a 1.8" display. The temperature sensor with thermostat function is integrated. 2 digital inputs available. The design can be personalized. Polycarbonate, aluminium frame.

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Data sheet

Voltage (typical)29.00 Volt
Operation humidity3 to 95% RH (without condensation)
Number of inputs2.0000
Input typeanalog/digital
Resolution128 x 64
Bus systemKNX TP (Twisted Pair)
Connection TypeKNX bus terminal
Length112.00 Millimeter
Width118.00 Millimeter
Height47.00 Millimeter
Portection ratingIP20
Min. ambient temperature5.00 Celsius
Max. ambient temperature40.00 Celsius

More info

The Square TMD-Display is a capacitive knx touch switch with 5 multifunction buttons and 1.8” backlighted display.

The totally customizable touch panel to cause the desired aesthetic impression in any ambience. Everyone can create unique compositions, which could include images, icons, texts or logos. This customization is printed on a high-strength tempered glass with a polycarbonate frame to finish off the author’s work.

The Square TMD-Display allows selecting the function of each button and indicators shown in the display.

Square TMD-Display also includes thermostat function, internal temperature probe and two analog/digital inputs. 

Accessories: temperature probe and motion sensor.

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