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NewTec offers loudspeaker systems for high-quality background music especially in sales environments. Easy installation thanks to the latest WiFi technology. Thanks to the sophisticated technology, an even sound distribution within a room is achieved with the aim of creating the same sound experience in all listening positions.

The loudspeaker models meet all design requirements for the challenges of business architecture. In shops, stores and retail in general, ceiling models play the most important role in ensuring that no valuable sales space is used for sound reinforcement. Whether for ceiling installation with a closed ceiling, suspended with an open ceiling or with a special adapter for conductor rails, the systems are not recognizable as loudspeakers and can also be integrated directly into luminaires as replacements for lamps. Since light behaves identically to sound at 360° sound distribution, every room can be optimally sounded with NewTec loudspeakers via the existing positions of the lamps, a "homogeneous sound carpet" can be produced and the ceiling appearance is not disturbed.

Your advantages at a glance

Versatile installation

  • Ceiling installation
  • Hanging
  • Conductor rail
  • Light integration

Good sound everywhere

NewTec's innovative 360° sound principle creates a room-filling carpet of sound for all listening positions, ensuring optimum sound quality everywhere.

Cost saving

Compared to conventional systems, with NewTec you need 40 % fewer individual loudspeakers - with a significantly better sound result at the same time.

Top sound quality

The high-quality NewTec loudspeakers ensure excellent speech quality - ideal for the reproduction of product recommendations in stores.


NewTec systems are available with many different mounting options. They can be integrated into almost any architectural concept.

Natural sound reproduction

The aluminium membrane used by NewTec produces a particularly harmonious natural sound. Ideal for playing natural sounds at the point of sale.

Symbiosis of light and sound

For better interior design, NewTec's sound system combines good sound with the latest lighting technology.


Let our reference projects convince you.

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