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KNX ActuatorThere are 74 products.

With our KNX actuators you can comfortably control your Smart Home. Our product range is complete and includes KNX switching actuators, KNX blind actuators, KNX dimmers, KNX DALI actuators and much more.


  • KNX analog outputs
    KNX analog outputs are important components of an automated and precisely controlled smart home. The functionality of the KNX analog outputs is well thought-out and can be implemented cleanly. The KNX analogue outputs are system-integrated and functionally reliable.
  • KNX binary outputs
    KNX binary outputs for reliable building automation. Our KNX binary outputs impress with their outstanding quality and amazing design. In addition, the materials are extremely robust and powerful. Ambient temperatures of up to 45 °C do not damage the materials. Even low temperatures of just below 0 °C are absolutely harmless. In addition, the material does not condense even at high humidity. Convince yourself of top quality in a class of its own.
  • KNX heating actuators
    The new standard for your home automation: KNX heating actuators. As the successor to the former fieldbuses, KNX is a technical advancement. The addition of configuration mechanisms and transmission media simplifies and improves your control system in line with the times. The KNX heating actuators are easy to use and fully functional to meet your requirements for perfect building technology. Extend your heating system with your top-class KNX module for reliable indoor heating.
  • KNX shutter actuators
    With our KNX shutter actuators you reliably control the shading in your building automation. By using blind couplers, you can also control blinds and blinds with 12/24VDC with KNX blind actuators.
  • KNX multi-function actuators
    KNX multi-function actuators combine different functions / subsystems on one KNX actuator. This modern KNX switch makes the control of a KNX installation more functional. Our components are perfectly matched to each other and enable optimum operation of your system.
  • KNX switching actuators
    With our KNX switching actuators you can reliably control your home automation. The switching actuators are characterised by the fact that they can be used in many ways in your KNX project. Many of the KNX switching actuators can be used as KNX multifunction actuators. The KNX actuators each have multi-function outputs. Various models also have analogue/digital inputs, which allows you to calculate your project even more efficiently.
  • KNX Electricity Meters
    KNX electricity meter for exact determination of the power consumption. With KNX electricity meters you always get reliable consumption values. Our online shop offers you an extremely large variety of devices at very different prices. Convince yourself and find the right product for you within a diverse selection.
  • KNX UP actuators (flush-mounted)
    The KNX flush-mounted actuators are intelligent components in your building system. Reliable fabrication and functionality are guaranteed by many years of development. The KNX flush-mounted actuators are particularly suitable when there is no more space in the control cabinet or when the actuator has to be installed close to the end point.
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Showing 1 - 12 of 74 items