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KNX sensors are made of high-quality materials and are characterized by particularly high reliability and performance. High flexibility and numerous smart applications are easily possible with KNX sensors. Take the test and convince yourself of products with premium quality. In our online shop we have a wide range of different devices available for you. You will certainly always find the right device for you. If you have any questions or suggestions, we will be happy to assist you competently. We are pleased, if you are content with us.


  • KNX analog inputs
    The KNX analog inputs are necessary individual parts of automated building technology. Like every KNX product, the KNX analog inputs are 100% KNX compatible and reliable. The high-quality processing of the KNX analog inputs is industry standard plus.
  • KNX motion detector
    Practical and indispensable - the KNX motion detector. If you have one, you never want to do without it again, and if you don't have one, you should get one as soon as possible. Of course, we are talking here about KNX motion detectors, which should no longer be missing in any building.
  • KNX binary inputs
    KNX binary inputs for powerful applications. With our KNX binary inputs, you are always on the safe side. KNX binary inputs are often used for cost-effective integration of conventional push-buttons into the KNX bus.
  • KNX CO / CO2 Sensors
    KNX CO / CO2 sensors are used to measure indoor air quality. With these KNX sensors the concentration of carbon monoxide (CO) or carbon dioxide (CO2) can be measured via KNX bus.
  • KNX brightness sensors
    KNX brightness sensors for flexible applications. Our KNX brightness sensors offer you competent solutions at a fair price. For our KNX sensors only high quality materials are used to guarantee your satisfaction at any time.
  • KNX Hygrometer
    KNX hygrometer for competent applications. Air humidity is one of the most important parameters for determining air quality, along with temperature. With the KNX hygrometer / KNX humidity sensors you always receive competent information about the condition of the ambient air. We have a large selection of KNX hygrometers available for you in our online shop. Convince yourself of unbeatable quality.
  • KNX presence detector
    KNX presence detector with high quality. KNX presence detectors ensure reliable data acquisition in the areas of light and climate control. The appropriate design fits perfectly into any modern room and is also extremely powerful.
  • KNX push button interfaces
    The range of KNX push-button interfaces is extensive and extends from temperature controllers and flush-mounted assemblies to the integration of conventional switches in two or four versions. The KNX push-button interfaces are inserted into the installation boxes and installed behind the switches or push-buttons in order to be attached to the bus cable or to the switch and push-button.
  • KNX temperature sensors
    KNX temperature sensors for strong and reliable results. Temperature is one of the most important parameters for air quality, along with humidity. KNX temperature sensors are also an important part of automated climate control. KNX temperature sensors are versatile.
  • KNX Weather Station
  • KNX counter
    Our KNX meters provide you with reliable and precise values at any time. We deliberately rely on high-quality materials with high performance.
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Showing 1 - 12 of 56 items