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Benefit from our complete KNX product range. You will find KNX actuators, KNX sensors and KNX switches for all applications.


  • KNX Touch Panel
    Our KNX touch panels are recommended for their elegant design and great functionality. Reliable and durable KNX touch panels for every project. Fusion of design and technology for highest demands.
  • KNX touch switch
    Thanks to the use of KNX push-buttons and KNX touch switches, you can use your Smart Home according to your needs. The KNX touch switches include an integrated temperature sensor and can be customized according to your personal design.
  • KNX Room Controller
  • KNX Sensors
  • KNX Actuator
    With our KNX actuators you can comfortably control your Smart Home. Our product range is complete and includes KNX switching actuators, KNX blind actuators, KNX dimmers, KNX DALI actuators and much more.
  • KNX Lighting
    With our KNX lighting actuators you always bring light into the dark.

    Our product range includes an extensive selection of KNX light actuators for DIN rail, cavity wall or flush mounting. You can choose from KNX LED dimmers (either voltage or current controlled), KNX universal dimmers or KNX DALI Gateway/Interface or KNX Dali Broadcast.

    Our KNX dimming actuators are characterised by a reliable dimming curve and outstanding quality. If the space in the cabinet becomes tight or the wiring requires it, then you can, thanks to the small size, with our KNX universal dimming actuator UP also a flush mounting.

    Of course you will also find KNX light actuators for DIN rail mounting in our product range.
  • KNX climate control / KNX heating actuators
    With our KNX heating actuators you control the room climate comfortably and reliably. There are different types of heating actuators for KNX, depending on the application, you can control air conditioning systems, fans, actuators, etc. via KNX.
  • KNX Interfaces
  • KNX Energy Saver
  • KNX System
  • KNX clock / timer
    With our KNX clock / timer you can regularly send the current time to the KNX bus even without the Internet. Daily, weekly, monthly and annual programs are optionally available. The current time can also be updated by GPS or DCF. The KNX clock / timer can be installed in the control cabinet or be surface-mounted (IP 54).
  • KNX RF Radio Solution
    KNX cables cannot be installed in old buildings without excessive effort. Therefore, the KNX organisation has meanwhile launched a radio standard on the market under the name KNX RF E-Mode, which makes it possible to use the advantages of the KNX bus even in difficult installation conditions or during conversions or renovations.
  • KNX Visualization
  • KNX Accessories
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Showing 1 - 18 of 163 items