WLAN Video Surveillance Camera Set

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Many people's sense of security has deteriorated noticeably in recent years. The perceived level of danger has increased significantly, even though statistically little has changed. Network camera sets or a WLAN video surveillance camera set is the means of choice to provide fast and reliable security.

WLAN Video Surveillance Camera Set

Many people's sense of security has deteriorated noticeably in recent years. The perceived level of danger has increased significantly, even though statistically little has changed. Many owners are therefore looking for ways to better protect their belongings from uninvited intruders. Whether large company premises, farms, holiday flats or cash registers in a shop, the areas to be monitored are diverse. Network camera sets or a WLAN video surveillance camera set is the means of choice to provide fast and reliable security. New camera technologies are constantly being introduced to the market to ensure security around a building or indoors. These should be easy to operate for everyone, flexible to use and reasonably priced. WLAN video surveillance sets that can be conveniently operated from a PC and whose data can be easily evaluated are now also available at prices that are affordable for small users and private individuals. Who looks for IP video monitoring camera sets, does not have to go also any longer into the specialized trade. They can now be purchased over the Internet without great effort. Nevertheless, some preliminary considerations should be made before the purchase, so that in the end the desired security is actually achieved.

What are my requirements for an IP surveillance camera set?

There are several points to consider when purchasing a network camera set. The very first question is whether the area to be monitored is an outdoor area or a building interior. Outdoor cameras must withstand the weather and therefore require appropriate certification. It is therefore important to ensure that cameras for outdoor use have IP66 certification or at least IP67 certification. These ensure protection against the ingress of dust and protect the camera against the ingress of water. The IP54 certification commonly used for smartphones is not sufficient, as it only provides splash protection.

Mounting options

Next, the on-site mounting options for WLAN video surveillance camera sets need to be considered. If it is possible to connect the cameras to the network using cables, this reduces the risk of failures. However, cables cannot be laid everywhere without problems. In such cases wireless sets are the means of choice. Of course, these sets also offer a high degree of stability and can be installed more flexibly, since only the maximum possible distance for a secure radio connection must be taken into consideration. In this context, it must be clarified whether the cameras are to be mounted directly on the building or whether they are to be mounted freely on a pole or on a ceiling in the interior of a building. It then decides whether a 360° camera could also be used. This ensures a permanent panoramic view, while cameras on a wall always only provide targeted images. Although many of these cameras can be remote-controlled, there can always be blind spots or gaps. 360° cameras are predestined for the surveillance of building interiors in particular, as they can be mounted on the ceiling in the middle of the room and allow the uncomplicated surveillance of large areas.

Image resolution

Apart from that, many camera sets differ in the possible image resolution and the possible distance to be monitored. How far is the distance at which people can be clearly identified and how far is the distance at which anything can be identified? In the meantime, most cameras offer Full HD recordings, but cheaper sets in particular do not yet have such a high resolution. With one megapixel they only reach 1280x720 pixels. It is also important to clarify how the respective cameras deal with direct sunlight. What use are cameras if they are virtually blind in direct sunlight? Last but not least, there is the issue of night fitness. Here in particular, a camera should be particularly good, because the fewest break-ins occur in broad daylight. Here, too, most cameras differ in the possible distance to be monitored. In order to clarify which IP surveillance camera set is suitable for you, you should talk to an experienced customer advisor. He or she will be happy to help you find the right solution quickly.

What is part of a set of surveillance cameras?

Most surveillance camera sets include multiple identical cameras, typically between four and eight, as well as a network video recorder for storing recordings. The sets also include all the necessary network cables and the power supply unit for connecting to the power supply. The material required for assembly is normally also included in the scope of delivery. Of course, the important documentation for commissioning, such as manuals and software CDs, is also included.

Some surveillance camera sets at a glance

WLAN surveillance camera sets of the Partizan brand each have four to eight cameras and are supplied with a network video recorder. The variants suitable for outdoor operation can be identified by the IP66 certification discussed above. All camera sets offer a resolution from 1 megapixel to 2 megapixels up to 4 megapixels. 1 megapixel, the lowest available resolution, corresponds to 1280x720 pixels and therefore does not provide HD resolution. This requires considerably less storage space for a permanent recording of the video recordings. With the older video compression standard H.264 you need 1.41 GB storage space for one hour of video recording. For cameras with 4 megapixel resolution, 5 GB are already required. Storage space required. Cameras with the newer H.265 standard are considerably more space-saving and require only 0.94 GB (1 megapixel camera) and 3.33 GB (4 megapixels camera) for one hour of video recording. All materials required for the installation of an IP video surveillance camera set are included. In addition to the appropriate cabling (network and power), they also include a complete installation kit as well as a manual and a mouse. The supplied IP network video recorders hold up to 6TB of data. For comparison: a 1 megapixel camera requires between 1 TB and 676.8 GB of storage space for 30 days of recording, depending on the video compression standard. Even with a 4 MP camera, you can record significantly more than 30 days, as these remain with 2400-3600 GB also clearly below the 6 terabytes.

How do I mount an IP surveillance camera set and how do I set it up?

Mounting WLAN Surveillance Camera Sets couldn't be easier. All you have to do is connect all the cameras supplied and the video recorder to the power supply. These will then connect automatically. If you want to view the pictures directly, you only need to connect a standard PC monitor or TV to the video recorder. Both HDMI and VGA are available for this purpose. Navigation is carried out using the mouse supplied.

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