KNX room controller Zennio ZVI-FD Flat Display available

Posted on: Nov 23, 2018 | Author: Daniel Studhalter | Categories: News

The Flat Design series has been extended by a KNX room controller.

KNX room controller Zennio ZVI-FD Flat Display available

The Zennio ZVI-FD Flat Display is a KNX room controller with 5 capacitive buttons and a 2.4" display. Up to 8 independent tiles or the thermostat view can be shown on the display. Due to the discreet design and the low overall height (9mm), the KNX room controller, like the entire Flat family, adapts to any room.

  • 8 freely configurable tiles for status display
  • Backlit Icons
  • Acoustic buzzer (can be deactivated)
  • Sensor for automatic brightness adjustment of icons
  • Proximity sensor for a "Quickstart" function
  • Built-in temperature sensor and thermostat function
  • Lock / Unlock mechanism via binary command or scene
  • 2 analog/digital inputs
  • Hearbeat Function

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