Zennio ZIO-QUADP, KNX analog/digital input, flush mounting





Zennio ZIO-QUADP is a KNX analog/digital input for flush mounting. The Zennio Quad Plus has 4 multifunctional inputs to which you can connect conventional push-buttons, temperature sensors or motion detectors.

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Data sheet

SensortypeAnalog Inputs, Digital Inputs
Power consumption [W]0.17 Watt
Output Current0.00 Ampere
Output Power0.00 Watt
Voltage (typical)29.00 Volt
Voltage Range (Min.)21.00 Volt
Voltage Range (Max.)31.00 Volt
External power supplyAucun requis
Operation humidity5 to 95% RH (without condensation)
Mounting optionsDIN rail mounting or installation in flush mounting box
Résponse devant une récupération de perte d'alimentation KNXDatensicherung
Recommended cable section2.50 Square_millimeter
Number of outputs0.0000
Number of inputs4.0000
Input typeanalog/digital
Horizontal pitch (HP)1.0000
Bus systemKNX TP (Twisted Pair)
Connection TypeTerminal block, screwed
Length80.00 Millimeter
Width64.00 Millimeter
Height24.00 Millimeter
Portection ratingIP20
Min. ambient temperature0.00 Celsius
Max. ambient temperature55.00 Celsius

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Zennio QUAD Plus. Input module with 4 analog-digital inputs for standard mounting box. Analog/digital inputs can be configured as binary inputs for sensors and potential-free push buttons, as temperature probe inputs or as motion sensor inputs. Four room thermostats for heating/cooling control systems included. 

Accessories: Temperature probes and motion sensor.

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